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Naturally Grown 
Handcrafted Beauty


noun: one's family and relations.  

adjective: similar in kind; related. 

We are all related. We are all essential and we are beautiful. When I say kin, I mean kindred. When I am kind, it is because we are kindred. And for me, this crosses to all walks of life, flora as well as fauna, large and language capable or small and sentient. Our lives, whatever form they take, deserve reverence, not simply because they are beautiful but because the simply are. In my work, I highlight the story of Mother Nature, of trees, shrubs, seeds, cones and bushes. Honoring the beauty of growth, perseverance, set backs, and literal twists and turns, by using only the natural grain, coloration and wonder which Nature provides. We are all connected. We are all one. We are Kindred. 


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