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The story is simple. You take a piece of wood, discarded and disregarded by many for being of no use, and you take the time to polish it up and prove the world wrong.

You show that the often overlooked can hold immense beauty, can tell and incredible story. 

Its my belief that when we cut down a tree, bush or a shrub, the very life force of the oxygen we breathe, that we should give it a better fate than the burn pit, the wood chipper, or the trash. And I aim to honor in even the smallest of pieces, a small portion of each tree's life by making tiny pieces of wearable art, showcasing Nature's worth. 

We are all interconnected. We rely on each other. Whether plant or animal, large or small, we need each other, we need to be seen by each other, and honored as Kindred. 

Earring Poster 5.jpg
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